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Natgas Global Resources's commitment is to insure every project is
  • Successful
  • Profitable
  • Reliable
for our clients

“Give Us the Gas, We’ll Provide The Rest”

Customer Support

We are proud of the customer service we can provide and without the complications of having large corporate overheads and our one-on-one relationships with clients, our response times to fast track projects or field support is second to none.

Experienced Partnerships

Instead of trying to specialize in everything as a lot of our competitors do, we believe in focusing on our core strengths and making long term partnerships from some of the most experienced companies, specializing in their respective fields in our industry.

Sales & Engineering Team

Natgas has a first class sales and engineering network that can get you answers and provide the most economical approach for all your gas handling requirements.

Design & Engineering Newest Technologies

We can provide expert design and engineering from the development stages, to making your project a reality. We utilize and  incorporate the newest technologies to insure the design is efficient, reliable and cost effective.

End result? State of art design with higher long term profits, faster implementation and complete customer satisfaction.

Gas Compression High Quality Packaging

Instead of having to build facilities, staff those facilities, while increasing our overhead, Natgas has partnered up with some of the most experienced compressor packagers in the industry and have worked closely with for over a decade so we can trust our  partners to produce a premium product for our clients with name brand reliable components trusted in the industry such as; Waukesha, Caterpillar, GE and Ariel.

Benefit? Best in class gas compressor package at the best possible value.

Process & Treating Plant & Production Equipment

Natgas can offer a wide selection of gas processing and treating plants including; LPG extraction, LNG liquefaction and re-liquefaction systems, CO2 and H2S removal plants with the latest and most efficient technologies.

Why choose us? We have partners with over two decades of experience with new, pre-fabricated or refurbished plants for fast track projects.

Professional Services Worldwide

Our professional first class services are available worldwide, onshore or offshore and include; Re-engineering, optimizing & refurbish of existing equipment, installation & commissioning, operating & maintenance, call out service and parts sales. We have some of the most dedicated and experienced people in the business with experts in process, mechanical & instrumentation, all just a phone call away.

What does this mean for you? A hard core team ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year to respond at any given notice and if we are operating and maintaining your equipment your downtime is minimal and production uptime can be increased up to 98% in most cases.

We Offer Reliable Equipment, From Proven Manufactures