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Founded in 2013, Natgas Global Resources Inc. is a worldwide provider of premium natural gas processing equipment and professional services. Our core is built around some of the most experienced & dedicated people whom have long working to improve the design and reliability of every product we provide for the natural gas industry. Our business model is to make long term partnerships with strong regional support and trustworthy business ethics, most have help to build and develop some of the popular names company’s still in our industry today.

Natgas has lean, fast paced and efficient infrastructure of global sales & management, project managers, engineers, fabrication partnerships, a refurbish and overhaul center and highly experienced procurement & service group to provide high level of expertise at every level of a project and then manage it from start to finish. Our focus is to supply our clients with top quality equipment and successfully complete each project in a safe, efficient and professional manner, meeting or exceeding our clients expectations, “Our satisfaction is our clients successful and profitable project; completed on time, reliable e equipment and operating the way it was designed, no surprises”

Our core worldwide capabilities include;

Natgas has many options to make your project a reality.

Natgas can offer complete “Hands Free” project completion enabling you to focus on several projects with a minimum amount in-house management needed for the project.

Natgas has several sale term options available or to conserve capital requirement for other upcoming projects, we have leasing or lease purchase options to help you get your project kicked off with minimal starting capital.

Natgas has professional services worldwide including full installation and commissioning of your new or relocated equipment, operations & maintenance plans to fit any budget or full turnkey EPC project solutions.

"Natgas is a Complete Natural Gas Processing Solutions Provider!"

The Key to Our Success is Your Success