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Project Experience Worldwide

Our experience stretches around the globe with an average of over 25 years of leadership, management, engineering and support at all levels in our industry and Natgas can deliver your project no matter what country it's located, from start to finish and beyond. Please take some time and read about some of our resent projects we have completed or are still in progress.

Asia Projects

The Asia Region is where Natgas had it’s first project as a newly formed company and we have had several successful projects since. Natgas formed it’s very first forgiven company, PT Natgas Resources Indonesia with an office in Jakarta and a sales of in Bangkok, Thailand supporting 32 employees currently. Having these support groups in n Asia and strong relationships with our partners and suppliers, gives Natgas a good customer support foundation and faster response times. Please read about our recent project experience in Asia.

Africa Projects

Africa is home for some of our largest projects and we have a strong relationship and a lot of confidence with our  partner’s in the region, they have shown they are as dedicated as Natgas in reaching our clients goals and ensure every project is successful and on time. We have many years of experience work in African countries such as Nigeria and Tunisia with past companies and this has been a valuable learn experience that has carried over in our knowledge of doing projects in the African region and working with our customer’s local employees, contractors and local people.

North & South America Projects

North American is home to our corporate office and our highly experienced fabrication facilities whom we have partnered up with in Houston, Texas and the southern region. These facilities have been building packaged equipment for decades, and have top level engineering, large major component stock with some of the best production technics allowing them to be very efficient with higher cost savings and faster deliveries. This allows Natgas to offer the very best value for each solution having the latest technology while giving the client a solid built package that’s easier to operate and very reliable. Natgas recently won our first project in Mexico and have created our Mexican company to support the country. We are also working towards expanding into South America and have several things we are working on to achieve that goal.